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About Savitri Chaudhary

Savitri Chaudhary, born to a very humble household in Bulandshar UP in 1973. Girl child education was still difficult in those times due to social factors and distance to institutions. Being very keen for education and her willingness to take challenges Savitri Chaudhary dispite all the challenges passed out with a political science degree in 1996. Being keen in social welfare subjects, Savitri was always involved in uplifting for women through education and equality in college and later joined Anganwadi to assist in child and women development and later served as president of the association.

However, her willingness to contribute more to society she worked with several NGO’s and for 15 long years was travelling to different parts of Uttar Pradesh to serve the purpose. After going into the remotest of places Savitri Chaudhary realized the root cause stopping the development was rampant population growth. And feeling something needed to be done has been meeting political leaders and has submitted more than 1000 appeal letters to people having which can influence, the appeal has been submitted to more than 125 leaders as well. She has been involved in hundreds of Dharnas and marches to request govt to bring in the two-child policy. Which if implemented will help the country. Savitri Chaudhary working with people who think on similar lines. Although various drives are undertaken on her personal level and cost, but ultimately big and sudden change will come only with government making this as a rule and policy.